Will Your Speech Change The World If Nobody Remembers It?

Surprising to most public speakers is the fact that few people will remember a word they said. Your delivery can be scintillating. Your thoughts can be brilliant. But don't expect anyone to chat about your talk the day after. Or even an hour after. The simple truth is, humans aren't wired to remember things that [...]

SmartSweets: The Compelling Case of the Gummy Bear Pitch

On Thursday, September 28th, my client Tara Bosch goes on the season premiere of Dragon's Den to pitch her company SmartSweets. SmartSweets is already a remarkable success story. And they have a great pitch (full disclosure - I was part of the team that crafted it), with thoughts in their deck that every startup could [...]

Deconstructing Ron Popeil’s Boardwalk Sales Pitch

In one of my recent blog posts, a person commandeered the comments section to pitch his product. Pitching this way usually comes across as ham-fisted and cheap. I can't imagine it's terribly productive - in fact, it annoys both the writer and other people commenting on the story. My policy in these situations is never [...]

Want a Captivating Speech, Add Some P.U.N.C.H To It!

SpeechDIY Part IV: P.U.N.C.H. In our previous post we talked about the advantage of letting listeners in on your speech, even if it's still in the planning stages.  This post, the three that preceded it, and the four to follow, mirror the SpeechDIY course we created for executive speakers. You might want to subscribe to this blog series to [...]

Is your pitch signal or noise? In conversation with investor / entrepreneur Mark How.

Mark How has been part of the tech community - launching startups, investing in companies, pitching relentlessly - for 20 years. It seemed only natural to ask him what sets a good pitch apart from a bad one. We had a lively conversation that covered everything from staggering stats (if that investor seems rude, try [...]

Presentation Insider: From Critic to Collaborator

I’ve recently begun doing pre-speech polls before every presentation. That is, I reach out to the audience to ask what questions they’d like me to answer prior to taking the podium. This is different from working with event organizers to customize my speeches. At best, when I ask organizers, I get broad themes to work [...]

Do experts pitch?

If you're a fan of Oren Klaff's Pitch Anything (I love the book), you know that a central tenet of his methodology is owning the frame. The 'frame' comes down to positioning - who can make themselves the coveted prize, who can establish themselves as the authority figure, and so on. The big picture here [...]

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Ask, don’t just pitch: An interview with Vancouver Founder Fund’s Jay Rhind.

Before you pitch a company for money, you check their background to see if they 'fit' your personality. And while you're pitching, you engage your potential investors in Q & A, to bring balance and partnership to the proceedings. Seems common sense, but apparently, it's far from common practice. That's what Jay Rhind of Vancouver [...]

Create a Pitch Story That Moves Investors

At the end of the day, a great pitch is a great story. It gives a product meaning, it relates the trials and tribulations of the product's creator, and it turns disaffected investors into eager participants. Unfortunately, there aren't many great pitches out there. Instead, most of us plod through features and benefits while our [...]

What Crowdmatrix’s Rubsun Ho looks for in a pitch

Crowdmatrix is an online investment platform that creates crowdfunded equity - bringing accredited investors together to finance growing private companies in Canada. The syndicating and investing process is simple: you can check out portfolio companies - and make your investment - right on the website. Crowdmatrix has ambitious goals - by acting as a catalyst [...]