I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my SpeechDIY course, using a brilliant online education platform called ConveYour (and no, I’m not getting kickbacks for this – I searched a long time before I found a tool that did what I wanted).

In the course of creating the course, I got to know Isaac Tolpin, co-founder of ConveYour. And he actually dialled me into a use for the platform I had never considered: bringing your speech audience over the transom from listeners to active participants in your marketing.

I thought I’d share this remarkable little hack. Over the Christmas holidays, I’m building it into my next presentation (doing a workshop at the SOHO conference in January), and thought it might spark you to build it into yours.

The how-to

  1. First, map out a couple of lessons you might like your audience to engage in following your speech. I’m doing a talk on building your brand using a DIY process, so I’m going to create three short lessons on honing in on your Unique Selling Proposition.
  2. Record your lessons. I use my iPhone, a great (and inexpensive) lav mic, and a couple of inexpensive lights. Works like a charm. IMPORTANT: After multiple experiments, I’ve discovered the ideal lesson length is three minutes. Easy for your audience to absorb, and easier to record than a 20 minute epic.
  3. In ConveYour, you can create a welcome sequence that walks your potential student through signing up (a 1 click process!) and launching their first lesson. No need to explain that here – if you get ConveYour, register for some tutorials. I got the hang of it in 2 lessons.
  4. You do the talk.
  5. You create a slide inviting your listeners to ‘get to work’ putting their new learnings to use. I’m going to flash up a phone number and give my listeners a special hashtag to dial into their phones. All of this is part of the welcome sequence ConveYour helps you build.
  6. When the audience dials in, they get an instant pingback from me welcoming them to the course.
  7. And I’ve just collected their email address, which is one step away from inviting them to my newsletter and other marketing activities.
  8. They can actually do the course (or get started) in the break between my speech and the next speech on the agenda.
  9. If they enjoy it, I invite them to check out my SpeechDIY course, or my BrandDIY course. The marketing process has begun.

Head hurts?

If you’re like me, the whole idea of crafting an online education program probably makes your head hurt. But trust me, this stuff is actually a lot easier than it seems. For the first time in a year, I feel I’ve got something simple enough that I can actually understand it – and effortlessly work with it.

Best of luck – send me your results!

As a brand strategy expert, successful entrepreneur, founder of Your Ultimate Speech, and award-winning author, Marc Stoiber uses simplicity and creativity to help people discover what’s awesome about their business… then helps them tell the world. For more on creating an effective speech for your company, connect with Marc and Your Ultimate Speech on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and sign up to his monthly newsletter.