Creating Simple Social – My Latest Speech

I recently did a keynote speech for Social Media Camp on how to craft simple, effective social media. Then came the conundrum: do I run it as a marketing blog at, or run it here as a sample presentation? I flipped a coin, and 'presentation' won. I hope you enjoy the talk - it [...]

A big idea for leveraging your speech with online education

I'm currently putting the finishing touches on my SpeechDIY course, using a brilliant online education platform called ConveYour (and no, I'm not getting kickbacks for this - I searched a long time before I found a tool that did what I wanted). In the course of creating the course, I got to know Isaac Tolpin, [...]

Crafting a Killer Presentation: The Documentary.

A short while ago, I had the opportunity to coach a group of CEO's who wanted to craft TED-calibre presentations. As an added bonus, we got to host our two day coaching workshop at a wonderful fishing resort on the rugged coast of BC. I decided to record the proceedings, and turn the whole adventure [...]