This summer, I had the opportunity to beta test a new Ultimate Speech product with presenters taking the stage at TEDxRoyalRoadsU. The product was SpeechDIY – a tool that enabled speakers to craft high-calibre presentations methodically, without the usual stress and angst.

I’m happy to report SpeechDIY worked beautifully, and all 12 TEDx speakers put on a terrific show.

Following the show, I wrote about the experience and highlighted a few of the great talks. You can check out those stories here and here.

I’d like to finish off this series of recaps with a very timely talk given by the closing presenter, Rob Abbott. Rob took on a topic that is front and center in our political world – a growing sense of rage and anger among people who feel themselves alienated and forgotten by society.

The speechwriting experience

Rob is a great, experienced speaker. When we began our SpeechDIY coaching, he already had his topic and story arc mapped out.

Nonetheless, he was a keen student, eager to improve. Oddly enough, this is a recurring theme in my speech coaching practice – often the most eager participants are the most accomplished speakers.

If you’d like to get the inside perspective on the experience, check out our post-conference chat here.

Rob’s TEDx speech

Of course, this story wouldn’t be complete with Rob’s actual TEDx speech.

But before you press ‘play’, make a mental note of a few things Rob did which you should consider in your next speech.

First, he begins with a topic that all of us can relate to. This immediately establishes trust and common ground with the audience.

Second, he digs deep. Key to a great presentation is adding real value for the audience. Rob’s insights leave us feeling we got valuable information from his presentation.

Third, he gets personal. Part of our fascination with live speeches is the sense that the speaker is opening up and exposing their own vulnerability. There are definitely moments in this TEDx speech where Rob opens up in a way that shows real bravery and trust.

Finally, he leaves us with a sense of action. Rob isn’t simply giving his perspective on current affairs – he leaves us with steps for making it better.

And now, without further ado, here’s Rob.

A rewarding experience

Finally, I want to leave you with Rob’s thoughts on the SpeechDIY process.

“Marc was Yoda to my Luke Skywalker as I prepared for my first TEDx talk. His DIY Coaching Course was invaluable in helping me forget everything I really needed to forget about making a speech, and then giving me the confidence and the skills to stand and deliver from the heart. 

Marc is the rare professional who combines an encyclopedic knowledge of selling one’s ideas with a razor sharp wit and sense of humour. He also, crucially, has an uncanny knack of knowing how to leverage your particular “style” to get maximum impact. Bottom line: there is no way I could have closed the TEDx conference without him.”

As a brand strategy expert, successful entrepreneur, founder of Your Ultimate Speech, and award-winning author, Marc Stoiber uses simplicity and creativity to help people discover what’s awesome about their business… then helps them tell the world. For more on creating an effective speech for your company, connect with Marc and Your Ultimate Speech on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and sign up to his monthly newsletter.