In my previous blog, I showcased three of the terrific speakers who presented at the recent TEDxRoyalRoadsU. I also gave readers a glimpse into the back story of each speaker’s journey to the podium.

But those three ovation-worthy performances were just the tip of the iceberg. Today, I wanted to showcase two more performances, and give you a unique opportunity to meet each of the speakers in candid interviews.

A final note before we get to the show: each of the speakers at this TEDxRoyalRoadsU event were coached using a revolutionary methodology called SpeechDIY, a new product Your Ultimate Speech is launching this Fall. For more on that, drop me a line.


Mark Shapiro – Want More Love?

Mark tells the story of a bold social experiment that helped him create deeper connections and make a greater impact on the world around him – one 15 second burst at a time. In this funny, powerful and inspiring talk, he examines what social media would be like if people were more loving and less superficial, and takes us through the Birthday Project, a Facebook adventure that helped him reconnect with people he’d forgotten, people he loved, and people who changed his life.

Behind the scenes with Mark Shapiro

A few weeks after TEDxRoyalRoadsU, Mark and I reconvened and chatted about his experience, what he thought of the SpeechDIY training, and words of wisdom he might have for anyone interested in giving TEDx a try. Check it out.


Cheryl Heykoop – Learning to Love, Cancer and All

Cancer often evokes images of battle or war. You fight it. You beat it. You give it hell. But how does this approach affect healing? Would it be more productive (or at least less destructive) if we approached cancer differently?

Cheryl’s personal story offers another possibility. She’s an assistant professor at Royal Roads University who is passionate about understanding the lived experiences of young people affected by war, disaster and illness. She is also a young adult living with cancer, and believes stories are integral to shaping how we educate, inform and lead.


Behind the scenes with Cheryl Heykoop

I caught Cheryl a few weeks after her TEDxRoyalRoadsU talk, as she was about to board a plane to a family gathering. She warmly recounted how the TEDx experience helped her forge deeper ties with other women speakers, and how strangers had begun to share their own stories with her. Truly a emotional outcome from a very emotional speech.

Next time

I didn’t want to inundate you with great talks. So instead, I’m going to let you enjoy them over the course of a few posts.

Rest assured, there are plenty more great talks to come, along with more behind the scenes interviews and day-of-event interviews. Stay tuned.

By the way, if you’d like to know more about SpeechDIY and how to implement this methodology into your next event, grab a time in my calendar and let’s chat.

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