SmartSweets: The Compelling Case of the Gummy Bear Pitch

On Thursday, September 28th, my client Tara Bosch goes on the season premiere of Dragon's Den to pitch her company SmartSweets. SmartSweets is already a remarkable success story. And they have a great pitch (full disclosure - I was part of the team that crafted it), with thoughts in their deck that every startup could [...]

Deconstructing Ron Popeil’s Boardwalk Sales Pitch

In one of my recent blog posts, a person commandeered the comments section to pitch his product. Pitching this way usually comes across as ham-fisted and cheap. I can't imagine it's terribly productive - in fact, it annoys both the writer and other people commenting on the story. My policy in these situations is never [...]

Crafting a back to school speech with P.U.N.C.H.

It seems to me the beginning of the school year would be a natural occasion for an inspiring back to school speech from a principal or administrator. Certainly, there are plenty of great Commencement speeches out there.  But those are given as students are on their way out. If one wanted to inspire excellence and [...]