On Saturday, July 29th, Royal Roads University hosted its inaugural TEDx conference. Twelve speakers took to the stage – and crushed it.

I’m proud to say those twelve prepared using a beta version of SpeechDIY, a product that will be launched by Your Ultimate Speech in September.

Here’s how it works.

Learn. Do. Share.

SpeechDIY is based on the teaching model I use while instructing university marketing students.

Instruction is broken into distinct units. In this case, the units include themes like honing your topic, crafting a story arc (complete with storyboard), manuscripting, slide design, and rehearsal.

Each unit (there are ten in the SpeechDIY course) begins with an hour-long webinar linked to a powerpoint presentation. This follows the format of a uni classroom session.

Next, the student is assigned a workbook task to complete before the next ‘meetup’. The first unit, for example, challenges the student to think of different angles on the topic they chose and to ‘build out’ each angle with supporting arguments. This helps the learner decide which angle on their chosen topic has the most potential for development.

Finally, the students are invited to share. In the beta test, we did this through individual coaching sessions. SpeechDIY will accomplish the same objective with an online forum where students can tap into experts to vet their work and offer useful tips.

When a unit is completed, the learner clicks on the next unit and repeats the process. By the end of ten units, a TED-calibre speech is ready for the stage!

The Reviews Are In

It was a pleasure working closely with the TEDx speakers. I helped them create great talks, and they helped me figure out how to craft an effective course.

When all was said (or presented, as it were) and done, the verdict was a universal thumbs up!

Here are some early testimonials:

“Marc recently mentored and coached me in creating and delivering a TEDx talk and I honestly believe he’s a genius! Marc helped me to find my main focus and then to craft a talk that spoke to people, opened their minds and inspired them. He is so efficient and in every session he provided useful feedback and perfect suggestions and advice. I watched in amazement as he did the same for others who were also creating their TEDx talks. No matter the subject or the person, Marc has the ability to see exactly what is needed to make the best possible presentation.

The ‘Your Ultimate Speech’ course is so well organized and delivered. The course flows logically, and allows time for re-thinking, re-shaping and honing your ideas. It was actually a really fun and interesting course and the end result is ….well….your ultimate speech! I’ve been public speaking for over 10 years so thought that I knew quite a bit about it but I learned a LOT more from Marc. This was a gold mine for me – not just for the TEDx talk, but for all my future speaking engagements. Marc has helped me to improve greatly.

The entire time I was being coached by Marc I felt supported, challenged and like he was really listening to me and figuring out who I was and what my message was so that he could help me give my best performance. He is a truly gifted coach and I can’t recommend him highly enough – if you are giving a speech or talk – he’s your guy!

Lastly, Marc even helped me with my slides for my TEDx talk and they were perfectly aligned with who I am and my message. From beginning to end, this experience has been one of the best of my life and because of Marc, I have a TEDx talk that I’m so proud of. Thank you Marc!”


“Marc is SO upbeat, and a total pro. I am happy I got to work with him on my TEDx presentation and am excited to send people to work with him on speaking in the near future. Thanks for the help Marc!”


“Marc coached me for TEDx Royal Roads over a series of about six weeks. I’ve worked with a handful of speaking coaches throughout my career, and what I found especially helpful about Marc is his holistic approach — from crafting a compelling narrative, to engaging your audience, and delivery, he’s helped me refine my talk every step of the way. His coaching style is very inclusive and interactive; he will regularly incorporate real-time examples with different participants to help illustrate his point and to get us to think on our feet. He also will provide honest constructive feedback to drive toward the best possible talk for both the speaker and the audience. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough to anyone thinking about giving a TED style speech or preparing for a TEDx event.”


“Marc was Yoda to my Luke Skywalker as I prepared for my first TEDx talk. His DIY Coaching Course was invaluable in helping me forget everything I really needed to forget about making a speech, and then giving me the confidence and the skills to stand and deliver from the heart. 

Marc is the rare professional who combines an encyclopedic knowledge of selling one’s ideas with a razor sharp wit and sense of humour. He also, crucially, has an uncanny knack of knowing how to leverage your particular “style” to get maximum impact. Bottom line: there is no way I could have closed the TEDx conference without him.”


“I worked with Marc when prepping for my 1st TEDx talk…and was both lucky and grateful to have Marc in my corner.  He is not only incredibly supportive but he is also a master at his craft and has an excellent ability to be able to see the heart of a topic, and identify creative & engaging ways to tell the story in the most compelling & powerful way.  Highest recommendations for working with Marc…you will be glad you did, and more importantly, your audience will thank you too!”


Is SpeechDIY for You?

The purpose of Your Ultimate Speech has always been to help professionals craft incredible presentations.

We offer a full range of services. But to this point, we hadn’t created a tool for people who wanted a great speech on a tight budget.

SpeechDIY is that product.

If you’re interested in trying SpeechDIY when it’s ready, drop us a line at info@yourultimatespeech.com. We’re offering the first 50 pre-launch customers a 20% discount on the course. Look forward to hearing from you!

As a brand strategy expert, successful entrepreneur, founder of Your Ultimate Speech, and award-winning author, Marc Stoiber uses simplicity and creativity to help people discover what’s awesome about their business… then helps them tell the world. For more on creating an effective speech for your company, connect with Marc and Your Ultimate Speech on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and sign up to his monthly newsletter.

Photo courtesy: Dhruv Sarang