What does Espresso Capital’s Katie Paterson look for in a pitch?

Katie Paterson knows both sides of the investment pitching game. She's a self-professed startup junkie, and has been instrumental in building a number of successful companies. (If you want to get her attention, say you're looking for help starting a SaaS business). And, as is befitting an interviewee on Your Ultimate Pitch, she is also [...]

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My powerpoint presentation tip? Breadcrumbs.

Whenever I get asked about powerpoint presentation tips, I always tweak the question - it's not about powerpoint, but about memory. Case in point. I did 5 keynotes in April, including three speeches with entirely new content. The experience was educational, to put it mildly. These speeches weren't your bog-standard 'hunch over the podium and [...]

Your Ultimate Speech recognized in Capital Magazine

Just a brief post to celebrate Your Ultimate Speech being featured in a full page feature in Capital Magazine. Thanks to Andrew Duffy, the intrepid journalist who made it all happen. Rock on!

How to crush writer’s block.

I've been paid to write my entire life. I began as an advertising copywriter. I wrote a book. Now, in addition to brand consulting, I run a company that creates speeches. When I can't write, I don't eat. I'd like to underline the difference between this and hobby writing. If your hobby is a blog, [...]

Monsanto Growth Ventures’ Kiersten Stead on creating Your Ultimate Pitch

You may be a tech startup, pitching tech investors. Or you may be growing your company in a sector like agriculture.  Either way, a great pitch is a great pitch. With that in mind, I wanted to share an enlightening conversation I had with Monsanto Growth Ventures' Director of Investment Kiersten Stead. Monsanto, as everyone [...]

Frontfundr’s Jill Earthy on creating Your Ultimate Pitch

Frontfundr is a unique hybrid in the investment space. Bringing together the discipline of traditional investment firms with the adrenalin of the crowdfunding model, Frontfundr is driving investment for startups and pre-revenue companies in Canada, and bringing more 'citizen investors' into the game. The result is a greater sense of community and support for innovative [...]