Your Ultimate Speech: The Documentary

You may have seen our testimonials. Or even watched the speeches by our clients like Mina and Gary. But you likely haven't experienced our process - how Your Ultimate Speech takes you from raw idea to TED-ready speech in just six calls. Now you can. We conducted an experiment with podcaster Alison Donaghey. She volunteered [...]

Want a wildly successful presentation? Break the ‘audience’ frame.

I witnessed an incredible, wildly successful transformation at a presentation recently. It was a pitch event, where entrepreneurs took the stage for 10 minutes to present their ideas to a group of venture capitalists sitting on a comfy sofa at stage left. One by one, the entrepreneurs took the stage. None of them knew who [...]

Conscious Venture Fund’s Jeff Cherry on creating Your Ultimate Pitch.

I was first exposed to the Conscious Capitalism movement years ago. As the founder of a green ad agency, I was impressed by both the purpose of Conscious Capitalism - to redefine the narrative between business and society - and the illustrious members who championed the movement. Through Conscious Capitalism I met Jeff Cherry of Conscious [...]

Thomas Ahn on Your Ultimate Pitch

What does Thomas Ahn of Mad Ventures look for in a pitch? Personality. This may seem a bit counterintuitive. Don’t investors want to open the hood of your company and see how everything works before listening to your story? Not to Ahn, who believes it all comes down to personal connection and building a relationship. [...]

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